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about Rucapillan IP is founded on simple concept of providing simple solutions to complex issues. The leaders of our company are those persons in this industry who themselves are having working experiences on international patent searching/litigation platforms. It’s an initiative by young shoulders, with young brains and who are willing to achieve heights by bringing the society together on a single platform, believes in transparency and growth. They believe in Thomas Robert Malthus’s idea of struggle for existence.

We are aware of competitive scenario and adapt ourselves with the need of this industry. We have created a niche for ourselves by our continuous improvement, adaptations through practical experiences and innovations.

We are not working for a single client; we want to leave an impact on each and every portion of society from Attorneys, lawyers, entrepreneurs, researchers, scholars, and to our most energetic section Students. We will try to bridge the gap by constantly providing innovative solutions to complex lawsuits / litigations / innovations / researches.

We pledge to protect your legal rights with the most innovative solutions, so that the aim to bring transparency, the aim for the development of society could be achieved with equal participation of each and every section of society.

We are not boasting that we are best but we have initiated to make this system best. We are not boasting of getting feedbacks and testimonials but we believe in implementing those feedbacks


Values are important part of an organization. The way we work, is driven by values. Values help us to work ethical and fair.

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    Trust is the most important value. Our client trust us and we trust our client.

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    Responsibility is another value which we care the most. We take complete responsibility for our actions. We are responsible to serve our client.

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    Integrity is what our client believe we have. Integrity built the trust.

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    Innovation is value which thrills us for the best. We look for innovative solutions/ideas to serve client needs.

About Us

Rucapillan IP provides seamless services across Intellectual Property domain.

We help our client to make the best IP-related business decisions by enabling them with complete insights across their to intellectual property.



Rucapillan Legal Services Pvt. Ltd
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New Delhi-110034, India
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